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Waikiki Beach, Honolulu HI [09.19.2015] © Esb

This blog has been neglected for basically an entire year.

In honor of the new year approaching, I’m going to attempt to really try and update this blog more frequently. I’ve been reading quite a few blogs revolving around paying down debt, budgeting and minimalism.

I’ve been reading a few fantastic blogs that revolve around those issues, my favorites being: Our Freaking Budget & And Then We Saved & Blonde On A Budget.

My one true resolution/goal for 2016 is to spend my money on experiences instead of possessions. I want to minimalize the amount of stuff I have already, and focus on paying off debt and saving. I plan on updating with my weekly spending and obviously, pictures :)


Acadia National Park, Maine [07.13.2015] © Esb

Cheers! <3 Esb


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