34.1 pounds

We said goodbye to Dolly in July of this year due to bone cancer. I still miss her every day.

In November V and I decided we were ready to add an English Mastiff to our family. Ani was born 9/16/2015 in Minnesota and she came home with us the weekend before Veterans Day. She went to the vet that following Monday and was 11.4 pounds.

Today, at 3 months old, she weighs 34.1 pounds! It’s incredible how quickly she is growing, but am amazed how well she listens! She can sit and almost shake, which is adorable.

All in all, Ani is a very happy puppy. She loves eating, napping and playing with Eva & Thor!!

I see much of Dolly in Ani. They have similar mannerisms and I believe it’s the nature of the breed! Loving, playful and sweet gentle giants (or not so giant yet in Ani’s case).

<3 E


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